Failing to install Grasshopper connector

Hello - I am annoying today
I have been trying to install the GH connector via the Package Manager but run into the following issue:

Fair enough, I go to the releases page, I download manually the GH connector, the blue window with the loading bar shows up, it loads quickly then disappears.
I open Rhino, Grasshopper and there is no Speckle tab.
I check the component library - nothing is there.

FYI I got that spawn error from the manager every time I tried to install a plug-in today (Rhino, Dynamo, GH). I could manually install Dynamo and Rhino but GH doesnt work for some reasons.

Also, I installed the speckle manager app today.

Here is the Rhino version I use:

Rhino 7 SR19 2022-6-29 (Rhino 7, 7.19.22180.09001, Git hash:master @ 87eeb0270c74a3e5ecc603402afbf263ed32b37d)
License type: Commercial, build 2022-06-29
License details: Cloud Zoo

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Besides turning it off and on again, this might have to do with any antivirus/corporate protection software your laptop might be running! Do you have a list of 'em?

Also check if there are any dangling rhino or rhino related processes in the background…

The spawn EBUSY stuff was something that showed up in the past - @teocomi will know more here, but unsure if it’s related.

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Also check if there are any dangling rhino or rhino related processes in the background…

double checked and no for sure

Finally got it working by “installing for me” instead of “all users”… don’t know what happened


Unfortunately, we were never able to replicate this error to understand what the root cause is!
I might have some things for you to test locally in the near future if you don’t mind :smiley:

As Dim said most likely it is an antivirus or IT group policy preventing a correct execution.

UPDATE: we have a new Manager that hopefully will work for you now: