Failed to register user

I get this error when trying to create a new user, what could be the problem?


We’ll need a bit more info to go by in order to help:

  • what server were you using?
  • looks like error’s coming from dynamo, correct?
  • if so, or other software, what versions, etc. (inc. revit!)?

You can try registering online at Speckle. I will try and test the plugins asap too. Thanks!

Yay, i can reproduce it - in Rhino too. Something got borked. Flagged it here as critical.

In the meantime, do fall back to the previous version which you can get from here: Release Speckle-v1.2.7.113 · speckleworks/SpeckleInstaller · GitHub

Previous release downgraded to pre-release so it doesn’t spread more via auto-updates.

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To give more information, I also had the problem in both Dynamo and GH.
Both using the default server.
I couldn’t log in with my old account nor create a new one, similar errors.

Heya @alelun, it’s fixed now in the latest release. It should be pushed out via the automatic updater when you will restart your computer…

Thanks for reporting!