Failed to convert items in Revit

I created a Sender from Revit to my SpeckleServer. After pushing elements, there are more than 10 percent of elements failed.
I have uploaded materials here:

  • html file: output of SpeckleUi window.
  • txt file: ids of failed items extracted from html file.
  • rvt file: there is a view named SPECKLE FAILED where I isolated failed items.

I don’t know where and how to start debugging this like a normal Revit addin. The source code (SpeckleRevit, SpeckleElements, SpeckeUi) depends on each other in such a big circle (sorry for my poor C# skill).

For specific items in my rvt file, they are of Structural Framing category. Two of them are In-Place models. I think this line of code might have raised an Exception and crashed the conversion routine for all normal (curve-based) beams after it in the queue.

I have made an issue on github so it would be easier to discuss.