Facing issue to see sent Revit single wall in Rhino

Hi Team,

I am sending single Revit wall on speckle server and trying to receive it from Rhino. I am not able to see anything at Rhino viewer. Is something I am missing here? I am getting Speckle base object at rhino receive in debug but nothing is viewable at Rhino viewer. It will great if you help me on it.

Hey @vandana.babshetti, could you send us a link to the offending wall? PS: we’ve also just pushed out a new release - so make sure you update the repo you’re building from!

There were a few changes recently on display meshes, etc. that might affect this.

Here is link of stream. Stream | Speckle
I am able to access it through Grasshopper. But not directly in Rhino.

Heya! could you make that stream public so we can access it?

How to make created stream as public

It’s quite simple:

Hi teocomi,

Thanks!! I have made stream public now. Please check and update me with you findings.

Thanks for that! I just tried and it works fine on my end. Could you please make sure you have the latest version installed?

We’re on 2.4.0 now :slight_smile:

Hi teocomi,

I have same version installed 2.4.0. I don’t know what’s missing at my end. Thanks anyway for confirmation.

I can also receive it fine on my end using Rhino 2.4.0 connector.
But that commit was definitely sent using an older version of the Revit connector.

While that shouldn’t be an issue, I’d recommend uninstalling both the Revit and Rhino connectors and reinstalling them again and seeing if that fixes anything.

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Okay. Thanks. I will try with reinstalling all.