Export federated model as a single IFC

I would see benefit in the ability to export all the current streams from the online viewer as a single IFC.

Is that something that would be possible? Am I missing something that would prevent this from being developed easily?

Thanks for your time, and feedback,



Hey Fubar,

What is your goal for this?

Well we get a federated viewer on the screen that has streams coming from multiple different models and softwares… But if we could export a single IFC to be transfered back as the federated model with all the models included it would be a way to transfer the BIM information without having to provide the native file source

Why not create a “published” stream on which you do updates?
If this is only for transfering, this is what Speckle does best: without needing the native files, transfering data so collaboration is improved and SSoT can be maintained.
If coordination is your purpouse, it would be much more beneficial to have connectors for i.e. navisworks where you will do your clashtests etc.

If you are looking for contractual baselines, pulling in your coordination software and saving the model would be my preference