Expand Speckle Object not giving Rhino layer info in GH

I’m sending some geometry to a stream in Rhino and receiving it in Grasshopper, but can’t figure out how to access the layer properties using Grasshopper to bake the geometry back into Rhino with the same layer structure I started with. When receiving geometry in Grasshopper, I’m plugging an “Expand Speckle Object” to the data output of my stream and not getting any extra info other than the geometry (GH panels show that I’m only receiving the breps and not a Speckle object anyway).

Seems like I’m either not sending the geometry properly from Rhino to create a “Base” object or I’m missing a step for proper expansion in Grasshopper. Any tips for smoothing this out?

For reference, I’m following https://speckle.guide/user/tutorial-collab-rh-gh.html with the hopes of using Speckle to host a large model split into parts, but it needs to utilize a specific layer structure with unique layer properties, colors, etc.

Looks like I missed the part where I needed to apply a schema before sending: Rhino | Speckle Docs
I’ve applied a Speckle Schema to some Rhino geometry and set the schema type to automatic, but it seems heavily geared towards Revit and I’m still not able to access the Rhino layer in the Expand Speckle Object component.

Hi @Scott_Deisher! I’m not sure it has anything to do with any schema application!

To get the objects back out in Gh on their correct “layers”, you should be able to just expand the data you’ve received. Unfortunately there’s no way to easily access the layer name again - the key - but that’s good feedback. Would it be useful?

PS: From the rhino file, I’ve just sent everything to this stream - shared it with you too for reference…

Hmmm, error, see attached.

Maybe I just don’t understand how to use the expand component… see my own test, not getting any layer data and I don’t see a zoomable GUI on this component:

Okay, several things: seems like you’re using our old staging server - we haven’t updated that in a while, and it will be nuked soon in favour of other internal infrastructure. Create an account on https://speckle.xyz, and make sure it’s added to the speckle manager - ping when that’s done!

Post mini debug chat resolutions: finally got down to logging the confusing issue: Rhino: Sending one object does not create "layers" · Issue #454 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

We’re gonna have some internal chats re layer requirements - I know @clrkng mentioned these issues/problems some time ago, and we should sort them out (this should stand as a reminder for @clrkng and me too :smiley:).

@Scott_Deisher, also please let us know re issues with the manager. It did seem wonky re showing up not showing up etc. If they persist, please drop them in the forum!

Thanks @dimitrie for the help today! Having access to layer properties would be great. The manager is still flashing for me when I attempt to run from the Windows bar, but opens fine when I click on it from the system tray. I can make a new forum post for it if that’s how you guys like to work.

New post only if a small screen recording would make its way in - if too lazy, don’t worry. We’ll look into it, but it would help to know the version (forgot to make a note of it).