Excel to Revit - Parameter Update

Hi Community,

I need some help, I have been trying to test out the updating Revit parameters process via excel to update the comments parameter but it doesn’t seem to be work for me. I have had a look on the community channel but haven’t come across a solution that will made it work.

I have provided some screenshot following the process. I tried to follow the steps in excel docs but didn’t have much success. Hopefully someone can see where I might have gone wrong along the way and can provide some feedback.

Identify element ID of the wall in model

Replace the element id in the sample table

Sent excel data via set range to speckle stream

Received excel data into Revit but no update to the comments parameter

At a quick glance, it seems you should select “set range with headers” and select both rows :slight_smile:

Let me know, and otherwise, we’ll investigate!

Hi @teocomi

We have tried the recommendation but the when using the Revit connector to receive the excel data, the data exchange doesn’t complete.

I’m not sure if this is an issue with v2.10.4

Do you have any advice on how to proceed?

It might relate to the issue I mentioned here: Send from Excel doesn't hash the object

Could you check the Speckle objects on the server that that are being send from Excel, do they miss an id property? This appears to be the issue that I am facing. There should be an id property, but it isn’t there.

Hi @JdB - Yes, I think we are having the same issue.

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Thanks for the report @Aaron_Atkinson (and patience), I finally managed to look into this and patched the issue.
Now objects are hashed correctly, and after a quick test, I can see the Revit elements are updating again :slight_smile: