Excel > Excel issue

Send data without headers from Excel and receive it in Excel doesn’t appear to work anymore (see screenshots below). A colleague experienced this issue when trying to send a list of numbers from GH and receive it into Excel, but I can imagine this issue can be solved with just looking at the Excel connector. Plus the Excel > Excel use case should work as well.

Example commit on XYZ: Speckle
The commit is created by selecting a very simple Excel data set using “Set range” (so without headers):

This issue might be somewhat related to an older issue that was fixed by @teocomi : Send from Excel doesn't hash the object


First time I click receive the receive arrow I get an error:

Second time it says it is successful but no data is showing up:

If I open an object and try to receive it, it also doesn’t work:

Hey @JdB,

I can reproduce this and I’m working on a fix for it. Thanks for bringing this to our attention



Hey this should be fixed now. Let me know if you have an more issues with this

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