Excel connector throwing "Add-In Error"

Hey guys

I am having some issues on using the Excel connector with my company server. We are getting this “Add-in Error” while trying to add the account. Was wondering what I might be missing here?

Just so you know, it works with the https://speckle.xyz server normally.

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The same on our end. We don’t actually need it right now, but wanted to double check if we have the same issue as @vwb … we also have our own deployment


It’s an actual limitation on how excel plugins can work - we pretty much need to white list server urls on our end to allow auth redirects back to the plugin. Not sure what an easy workaround would be - ping @teocomi as if I remember correctly he screamed at a text editor for a while about this…

@vwb @AlexHofbeck

Unfortunately what @dimitrie says is correct - every redirect URL needs to be explicitly added to the store manifest…

If you can share your deployment URLs via PM I can try add them in!