Excel Connector Add-In Error

Hi! I’m new to speckle and I’m trying the excel connector now, however I always get “Add-in Error”

Browser: Edge
Account: Company

Browser: Chrome
Account: Company

Browser: Chrome
Account: Personal

Hi @davenger and welcome to the forum!
If you’re using a work PC I think the system administrators can block the use of Office addins (even on the personal account).
Would you be able to either try on a personal computer or contact your IT department?

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Thank you @teocomi. However, I’m using my personal computer. I uninstalled the anti virus programs, still getting the error. I’ll try to use the add in on another computer.

This is my error now: speckle-excel.netlify.app ’s server IP address could not be found.

Hi @davenger ! That’s quite weird… Are you maybe behind a firewall, VPN, or proxy that could block some of your internet access? Can you open https://speckle-excel.netlify.app/ ? Any luck using a different computer/connection?