Excel add-in keeps "resetting"


I’m trying to import into Excel a subset of a larger dataset exported from Revit.

Before I even manage to filter down to the data I want to receive, the Excel add-in bugs out and resets.

I suspect it’s because on the first page it’s trying to load a visualization of the 3D geometry in Speckle stream but this overloads the add-ins memore. In my opinion this 3D preview in Excel is not necessary or could at least be turned off by default.

Any workarounds?



Hey @vincent.cadoret sorry about this, could you please tell us what browser or version of Excel you are using?

If using Excel Desktop, I could suggets using the web version as it’s proved to be better.


Thanks for the reply! I was indeed using Excel desktop and on your suggestion tried the Excel web version but didn’t get much further before it also crashed…



Thanks Vincent, any chance you could share with us the dataset? It would help us a lot in investigating the issue!

Thanks for sharing the stream via DM Vincent, I’ve tested with it and can see the Excel connector is chocking a bit with so many elements and parameters.

Currently, the connector has to load the entire stream before performing any sort of querying of parameters or elements. This is a limitation that we’re planning to overcome in the future.

I would suggest for now to only send the elements that you’re planning to access in Excel to a separate branch, in this way the Excel Connector should be able to handle them.

What is the goal/workflow you’re trying to achieve?

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