Excel Add-in / Iframe content not loading

Anyone else experienced an issue with the Excel addin where the window opens but is blank (no login page / content)?

Any ideas as to what may be causing this would be greatly welcomed.

Thank you

Hi @jstott1070 and welcome to the forum!

We haven’t seen that before, what browser are you using? Or, if you are using Excel desktop, what version and OS are you on?

I am using Excel Desktop version 2008(Build 13127.21624 Click-to-Run). Initially i thought it was a firewall issue however i get the same in a different environment and can directly access https://speckle-excel.netlify.app/#/login via a browser.

Ah! Thanks for sending this, I’m afraid version 2008 is not supported. The minimum required version is 2013, and we’re actively testing on 2016 and web.


Ah indeed!.. didn’t realise i was rocking such an old version of Excel… Managed to bypass IT imposed lockdown on updates to office and now downloading a slightly more modern version which i trust will resolve my issue.

Thank you!..