Etabs to Revit: Beams are seen in speckleverse view but not get transferred in Revit via Revit connector

  • Objective: I am using Etabs and Revit connectors to new transfer model from ETABS to REVIT for concrete and steel structure *

  • Issue: Beams are not get transferred in Revit connector. I can see them on speckleverse which came via ETABS connector. Issue is for both steel and concrete frame. Rest of elements is coming exactly as expected. I have defined family and everything and mapped it as well . but beams are not coming in new revit model or existing revit model as well. What am i missing?? Revit version is 2024 and ETABS is 2021. maybe that’s the issue?

  • Speckle link:

I had the same issue. I have tried etabs 18 to revit 2022/ revit 2023 and still beams are missing for some reason. I hope someone from Speckle team would look into this.

Justo add that this is the erro I am getting.

Hey @roymartin and @GAURAV_AGRAWAL

Could you share the versions of the Speckle Connectors that you are using for ETABS and Revit? You should see it at the top of the connector next to the logo


@GAURAV_AGRAWAL thank you for sharing the link to the model, but I don’t have the proper permissions to access it. Could you send an invite to

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@connor I am using Revit Speckle Connector 2.17.1. I just gave the access. People with link should be able to open it now. otherwise what is the way to send you the invite ?

My Speckle version is 2.17.1

I also tried to start the model from Revit and push the analytical model to etabs. Everything were translated to etabs but going back to Revit does not seem to update everything. The columns were not in the correct orientation and no walls were imported in Revit.


hey Gaurav, when creating a stream try making it public - it is defaulted to private. Hope this helps

speckle 2

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Hi connor. I created a new stream link and make it shareable to you and sent you the invite as well. here’s the link as well- Speckle Error finder - Speckle.