ETABS/GH Connector STR Loads

Hey All,

I have been testing with the ETABS connector to check for the applicable workflows between Rhino/GH/ETABS/Revit. For the current topic, I am testing the part of the workflow were I am setting the model in GH and sending to ETABS for analysis…

Below is a snip of what I have set in GH, the geometry and property assignments are transferring without any issues for beams/floors/columns as shown below. The only issue is the loads (1D / 2D), were I am not able to get them to generate (I checked the video tutorial and the docs and tried to assign names for the framing and another time name for both the framing and the loads to no avail) and I always get the shown error.

Using latest connectors and ETABS19

Another thing is the search items below does not seem to work for me.

So any guidance on what I am doing wrong or ideas for workflows between the mentioned software someone may have tested would be much appreciated.