ETABS Connector - Multiple versons

Hello - new user trying out the speckle ETABS connector. I have both ETABS v18 and 19 on my computer, and it seems the speckle manager only installed the plugin on ETABS 18 and not 19 (which is what I use more frequently). Is there any way to manually install the plugin on v19 or update the installer so it installs to both?

Hey @Alex_Jordan welcome to our community!

We are already supporting v19 so it should be quite simple for us to add it to the installer - expect an update early next week! Cc @Reynold_Chan

Hello @Alex_Jordan !

yes it should technically install on 19… if it’s not installing on 19 , don’t worry there is a way to manually install on v19. Will look into fixing this.

Adding plugins to SAP2000 - Technical Knowledge Base - Computers and Structures, Inc. - Technical Knowledge Base.

So using the add plugins option , you can browse for the path of the plugin. Here

%LocalAppData%\Computers and Structures\ETABS\Speckle2ETABS and you’ll be able to see a dll that : SpeckleConnector.dll . Add it to the plugins and it should be okay. This is assuming you’re downloading ETABS 2.4.1

On another note ! please give me feedback on the connector whether you like it or not :slight_smile: it would be greatly appreciated. Things to improve on.

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