Errors in receiving slabs and walls from ETABS to REVIT?

Hi im having some issues in receiving slabs and walls from ETABS to REVIT,

the problem includes importing slabs in random levels , in the stream model it look ok.

The walls and floors that do get imported , gets imported as generic models or doesnt gets imported at all.



Thank you for reporting this issue! That definitely isn’t supposed to look like that… I’ll give this a look tomorrow and see what I can find out


Hi @Andres_Garcia,

Regarding the issue with importing elements as generic models, I’ve found a bug with the area type not being set correct on the ETABS side so I am working on fixing that.

As for the level issue, I’m not able to reproduce this, but I am seeing some different strange behavior. Which version of the Revit and ETABS connectors are you using?

Hi @connor, thanks for the feedback, I’m using the latest, I think, V 2.12.2 for both Revit and ETABS.

i can send you both the Etabs edb file and Revit rvt file if you need it.


sending me the etabs file would definitely be helpful!

Anteproyecto 02.17.2023.EDB (1.1 MB)


I made several improvements to both sending in ETABS and receiving in Revit in our newest best (2.13.0-beta4) that was just released. You can download it by going into the Speckle manager, navigating to the “versions” tab of the connector that your interested in (so Revit and ETABS in this case), and toggling on the “show pre-releases” option.


I think I may have solved your issue, however I was never able to replicate the strange level behavior, so I can’t say for sure that I did. Give it a shot after upgrading both connectors and let me know if it works any better for you