Error opening Speckle in Revit

Error opening Speckle in Revit

error speckle

Can you please show what it says under details?

I have the following error when opening Speckle in REVIT 2022, I get the following notice that I attached.

Error that I do not have in REVIT 2024. Apparently I think it is due to the NAVIATE REBAR extension, which I only have in REVIT 2022, I tried to disable the plugin but it does not allow me.

Do I have to uninstall the plugin? Because I use it very often for my structural modeling work.

Unfortunately, this is a case of DLL conflict and there is no other solution we can suggest except for temporarily disabling the other plugin.

Note that you don’t have to uninstall it every time, you can just move its manifest file something like pluginname.addin to another folder and start Revit to disable it…