Error loading streams from speckle server


Working on the development of the ETABS connector. When I’m running the connector in debug from my work laptop, the connector loads up the streams that are on my account (saved on the speckle server) no problem.

However, switching to my personal PC, the connector fails to detect any streams that are on my account (that I am logged into with the speckle manager). I set a few breakpoints in the DesktopUI StreamCreateDialogViewModel.cs to see what’s happening. As I’m passing through, I get the following error:


It seems there’s some issue in deserializing the JSON? Is anyone able to shed some light? I’m happy to hop on discord and screenshare the issue if that helps.


Hey Daniel, it could be just some simple mix up of development and production environments.
As a first step I’d suggest:

  • make sure you’re on the same commit
  • clean up bin and obj folders in you personal PC in Core, Objects and ETABS Connector folders
  • delete %appdata%/Speckle/Kits
  • rebuild the connector solution
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Hey Matteo,

  • I’m on the latest commit
  • I deleted them and rebuilt the entire solution
  • Done
  • Done

Still having the same issue. Also, when I try to add a new stream I get ‘an error occurred…’.

So, looking at your image again, that’s not really an error. That’s the VS debugger telling us, that in order to show the actual line with the error it’d need to load that source file…

You should be able to click continue and get some sort of exception message and stack trace.

I’d also suggest deleting you local repo and cloning it again just to make sure you’re on a “clean” env :).