Error geting "jsonized" IFC stream in Grasshopper

Just trying to get a ifc loaded using speckle´s webapp. IFC is pretty simple, just a pair of wall, one with a wall, other with a door. Each of the wall are in separate story…

Tried, both converting and “not converting” the stream (i assume this if for “speckle kit” part, isn´t it)

I´m I missing something?

If I try to receive the same stream to Rhino, there is no better luck…


Hey @leceta!

Thanks for bringing this up! Not sure what could be going on there :sweat: But it seems like a rather critical error when converting the JSON strings into Base objects again.

We’ll have to look into this before we can give you a definitive answer…

Could you share with us the original IFC files and the stream you sent them to? :slight_smile:

Hi @AlanRynne , here they go, both speckle stream/commit and original IFC file. Please, note that IFC rendering by speckle viewer has also failed to perform doors boolean operation. Its a IFC 4 design Transfer View with “parametrical” geometry representation types, made with Archicad.

I also tried with IFC 2x3 Reference View (mesh based brep representation) but “get stream” also throw the same error. In that case geometry representation of the wall hole by the door is correct, probably because there was no boolean operation to be performed.

The screen shot is taken from a third party 3d viewer (Bim Vision), correctly solving the boolean operation between wall and door.

wall_DTV.ifc (34.8 KB)

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by the way, is it possible to download the speckle’s json representation of the ifc.step file directly from speckle´s webapp? thanks

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Thanks for this! I was away on vacation last week but I’ll check this out this week and get back to you.

As for downloading the JSON, it is not doable at the moment, easiest way would be to do it through Grasshopper (when we get to fix the error you reported :slight_smile: )

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