Error Fail to Fetch when i trying to Login in my own server

We finally managed to deploy our local server!!

The problem now is that we cannot log in! When we try to do so, the message that appears says “Fail to fetch.”

Perhaps we need to define the users somewhere to grant them permission to access the server?

Another important point is that we are deploying the server on an internal network with some restrictions. Could this be affecting something? Our idea is to have a “secret” server that has no connection to anything related to the public internet

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Hi @mabover - congratulations on getting the server deployed.

The ‘fail to fetch’ often happens because of CORS related problems often due to incorrect configuration of domain names when deploying the server.

To try and debug this problem, firstly, try viewing the console errors in your browser. Next open the network tab of the developer tools in your browser to view the fetch calls made, the domains, and the responses received.

You may also wish to view the logs of the server components, particularly the speckle-frontend-2 container and the speckle-server container. These may indicate errors in the server, if any.

You may wish to double-check all the environment variables you have used to configure your server.

Hope this helps,