Error accessing the object loader

Hi everyone,

I recently encountered an issue while working with the viewer sandbox. I followed the steps mentioned in the readme file after cloning the repo locally, but I faced an error related to the viewer’s inability to access the object loader. After some troubleshooting, I discovered that running “yarn dev” in the object loader directory resolved the problem.

I’m curious if anyone else has experienced a similar issue or if there’s an explanation for why this additional step was necessary. It’s interesting because the readme file doesn’t mention this particular step, and I’m keen to understand what might have gone wrong in my case.

Hi @khalidsaeed

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It may be possible that the object-loader was not built. Running yarn dev built it, but probably running yarn build in the object-loader package would have worked as well

Usually what I do when checking out fresh, after installing the dependencies with yarn in root, I also run yarn build:public which builds the shared and object-loader packages among others.


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Hi @alex

Thank you so much for the warm welcome and for sharing your tips. I’ll definitely give it a try.
Your help is much appreciated!

Cheers! :smiley:

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