Empty types information

I’m playing around with the .NET Speckle API. I send some Project Information from a Revit model (including the Families & Types). When I try to get that information from the Speckle.Core API I’m receiving empty Types:

using Speckle.Core.Api;
using Speckle.Core.Models;
var data = Helpers.Receive("https://app.speckle.systems/projects/253ebdc17e/models/c1e5547183").Result;
var members = data.GetMembers();

I might be doing something wrong because the type information exists. I can see them in PowerBI

I was able to get the info. I’m putting it here for future reference:

var types = (Base)data["@Types"];
var plantingTypes = types["@Planting"];

For reference, if others will read this: the data is added in dynamically typed properties in .NET, as such they’re not immediately visible while debugging (they’re hidden in _properties).

You get to see them when we operate in a non-typed environment (like javascript, or powerbi) but in a strongly typed environment they might be missing at first sight.

PS: Kudos to @efdiloreto for solving his own issue :raised_hands: