Empty commit - pushing from blender

Hey specklers,

I am using blender installed on a linux distro on my personal laptop. I managed to download and install the Blender add on (2.12.1 - beta) manually and add my account manually like said here Manager | Speckle Docs and thanks to the recommendations in Speckle Manager for Linux? - #6 by gjedlicska and was able to pull data from a stream :smiley:

However, when I try to push I am not able to see anything in the speckle viewer. Just continuous loading. There was no error when pushing the data from speckle.

Here is one of my commits: Speckle


Update: I boiled down the problem to one polyline which makes the viewer not load properly. This is the polyline:

And in speckle:


Great catch,
Can reproduce, something in our curve/line conversion seems to be broken.
Looking into this now!


I wasn’t even aware that Speckle runs on Linux !

Have to test :slight_smile:

(Now I need a Bricscad Connector and Vectorworks offering Linux support)

not officially I guess but it was not hard to get the blender connector to identify my user account and run. If you try and do have any questions let us know!

Well for now there is blenderBIM, which I wanted to try as well, so I guess doing BIM on linux is really an option :penguin:

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Blender BIM and its Support is great !
It imports IFC standards and geometry better than most of my proprietary CADs.
If you have a problem, create a thread on their forums and (Moult) will help or
create a fix in time.

I am mainly on Mac since 2007. But if Mac gets again as questionable for 3D,
as since 2012, after the very promising M1 presentation, I will prefer Linux over
going back Windows.
So I have to try Speckle for Linux soon.

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Let me share a thought.
I am a small sized construction management consultant. I am am exploring new workflows to benefit from BIM for my organisation as well as for clients. There are many like myself around. We are locked from serious BIM workflows under Windows due to high cost of software and hardware as well.
My 2 year old laptop with Windows hardly opens 90Mb ifc model in Blender, while 11 year old laptop with linux is handling it at the same level of comfort. maybe even a bit faster.

I understand that Linux is no priority due to low demand. I would like to develop my workflows under Linux due to lower hardware consumption. My idea as a project manager is to exploit model to generate all types of summaries, BOQs etc. Maybe import model via Speckle from specilaists who use Revit etc.

I see a lot of potential for ocasional users to go under Linux/ Blender due to low cost and higher work comfort at “weaker” hardware. Rather than be stuck with viewers and their limited options.


Hey @bartekz

I have some good and some not so good news for you.

The good news is, that our blender connector runs perfectly fine on linux, I am regularly using it. So technically, you can build your desired workflow.

The not so good news is, that due to our teams limited resources and the obvious fragmentation of linux as a non existing single target platrom (distributions, app installation mechanisms, sandboxing strategies etc) it is beyond our current capacity to start officially supporting “Linux” as a platform.

Unfortunately even picking one distribution would be a lot of hassle and would also potentially start a flamewar :smiley:

If there is need, we can document some guidelines around how to get things running in some scenarios, but it is not going to be a next next finish ™ experience.