Dynamo Stream ID Regeneration

Dear all,
Speckle is really great and finally, I was able to put my hands on it.
I have a couple of dumb questions:
why everytime I open the Dynamo Script it creates another ID?
It is a good feature because it keeps track how many times I open that script, but at the same time, if it is connected with the “Speckle Stream” Dynamo Node,and it crashes Dynamo if I change the account that node.
Kind Regards

Heya @Alberto_tono! Kind of you try and see it as feature :slight_smile: pinging @teocomi on this one; it might be that you have an outdated version of the plugin, or outdated dynamo version.

We have a new installer here: https://github.com/speckleworks/SpeckleInstaller/releases/latest for the usual plugins (rhino, gh and dynamo). Also recommend updating the server/docker image if running old! Let us know how it goes.

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Yep, never seen that bug, make sure you have the latest Speckle and at least Dynamo 2.0.1. :slight_smile:

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