Dynamo Sending data - 400 (Bad Request)

Hi All,

I’ve 1103652 items to send (just list of lists with strings) and I’m getting a 400 bad request.

Any limitation in the free version ?


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Hey @Salvo_Dragotta :wave:,

There is no limitation on the free version. I guess you found a bug. Can you share your Dynamo definition so we can debug this issue? If you are hesitant to share it here, feel free to send me a PM.

Btw, welcome to the Community :blue_heart:. Feel free to introduce yourself if you feel like it.

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Ciao Salvo, does it work with a smaller data set?
If so, you might be hitting a rate limit…

ciao Matteo! come stai ? Si funziona con 1000 liste. Cosa e’ il rate limit ?

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Quickly chiming in: rate limit would’ve been 429 rather than 400 - do send @gokermu that file so we can reproduce it!


I’ve sent a msg to @gokermu