Dynamo Revit Tutorial Upload Empty Models: No displayable objects found in object


I’m following the: Getting Started With Speckle For Dynamo (speckle/tutorials/getting-started-with-speckle-for-dyanmo) but the model that i upload to speckle server is empty.

Speckle Server: app.speckle.systems
Connector Version: 2.15.4
Revit Version: 2023 - Version 20220503_1030(x64)
Dynamo Core:
Dynamo Revit:

Logs: [Dynamo Revit Error](Dynamo Revit Error · GitHub]

Stream: Speckle

When we open the streams, we can see the data in the side bar, but i’m having the following message:

No displayable objects found in object.

Hi @luisfelipemileo,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with the Speckle Dynamo Connector.

After having a look at your logs, I saw that you are sending only one item. Please use the second output on your code block. See the image below.

Let me know how it goes.


worked!!! Thanks!

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