Dynamo Player - Speckle

Hi all.

When using Speckle as the main input for a Dynamo script to create structural elements - I am having problems running the script through Dynamo Player - even though the script is able to run fine through Dynamo on its own.

I am thinking that the Speckle Reciever node needs to be “activated” before use or something like that. I am wondering if this is what causes my problems with running through the Dynamo Player.

Any experiences or ideas?

Best regards Rasmus

Hello @Rasmus_Holst, thanks for the shout! This is actually a proper issue. Discussed this with matteo, and we’ve logged it here in the repo for the dynamo plugin.

Okay - perfect - then I do not have to keep looking for bugs in my script :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see if it can be fixed.