Dynamo create surface with properties and display in speckle viewer


I’m trying to send a surface with some properties to speckle and then view that surface in the speckle viewer. But is seems like adding info to a surface as shown below changes it to be a abstract type which cant be displayed in the viewer.

looking at this there is no way to access the vertices of the surface either which i would like to use for other purposes


any help or suggestions you might have as to how i might achieve this would be appreciated.


Yo Patrick,

from Dynamo surfaces and polysurfaces are currently not converted to Speckle geometry. You can convert it to a mesh if you just want to see it in the viewer…
Otherwise, if you’re sending to GH I can suggest sending points and lines and then recreating the geometry you need.
Here you can see all the supported geometry types: SpeckleCoreGeometry/Conversions.cs at master · speckleworks/SpeckleCoreGeometry · GitHub, we’re planning to add a conversion matrix to the docs!