Dynamo Connector is not available in Add-on

I installed the dynamo connector but it is not available in Revit dynamo in any of the version .

I have Revit 2018 ,2019,2020,2021 and 2022.

I uninstall it and again reinstall even that It is not available in Dynamo Add-on.

Please let me know what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Kumarravi007 welcome to these parts!

I haven’t seen this before.

Can you please confirm the version of the connector you are installing?
Also can you send a screenshot of the Dynamo packages, of let’s say Dynamo 2021?

We’ll try troubleshoot from there!

Hi @teocomi
Thanks for getting back on my reported issues.
Please have a look to below attached image

Below attached image is from Revit 2022 dynamo

In Revit 2021,Dynamo it is available

But please have a look to below attached image is from Revit 2020 dynamo and it is not available.

please help me to solve this issues.

Thanks in advance

Hey Ravi,

What do you see under “Manage Packages…”? I’m trying to understand if the plugin is copied correctly.
You should also see its folder in %appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.6\packages.

After copying the folder
%appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.6\packages
%appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.3\packages
%appdata%\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.12\packages

It is available for Revit 2020 and Revit 2022.

Why it is not available automatically?

Shall I need to update folder manually after each and every update?

Hoping to hear from you soon

Thanks for help

Hi @Kumarravi007 I see, the problem is that Dynamo has been quite inconsistent in how they released updates and matched them to Revit versions, there seems to be no logic :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the installer script to also target 2.3 and 2.12, so going forward you won’t need to copy/paste.

Thanks for the report/feedback!

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