Dynamic realtime data operability across applications

Following up on our conversation on twitter, I wanted to test a realtime data transfer which changes lets say every milliseconds, it would be awesome to have a feature that can send the data directly across applications instead of storing it as a commit on server. The use case in mind was interactive modeling using time dependent data on a cell value in excel (actually, I wanted to test handtracking library in tensorflow.js but starting it with excel dyanamic data). It might open up other cool possibilities like dynamic realtime transfer from grasshopper slider animation which is reflected in PowerBI data viz dashboard.

Hey @Mayur_Mistry , welcome!

Have you looked at the “auto receive” mode in our Grasshopper and Dynamo connectors? Speckle already supports “real time” data exchanges.
This is not done by actively sending/receiving data every millisecond (would just be overkill), but by using socket notifications to inform the receiver when there’s new stuff to pull:


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