Dwg to Revit Separation Lines

Hey all,

So I am attempting to do a quick room setup from a large dwg since there is no workflow to get separation lines from dwg lines. What I did was → dwg to rhino filter the curves I want and using gh I created open extrusions then → revitmap it to a thin wall family and import it to revit then since walls in revit are self-room bounding it would normally work but as per image it doesnt…

any ideas? Thank you

Hey @Nyquist ,

Looks like you extruded them and simply assigned Walls category to the extrusions. They seem to be created as DirectShape walls. DirectShapes are external geometries imported into Revit, they don’t behave like a native revit wall but rather preserve the geometry and category coming from an external app.

What you should do is keep your curves as is, and create RevitWalls using the curves. Revit walls can be represented as simple lines in the revit API. Let me know if you need further help.

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there is no option for an open curve to be mapped as wall unfortunately though.

Hey @Nyquist ,

That’s a Revit limitation. Revit can create walls only from singular edges, no support for polycurves. What happens if you explode the curve?

Hey @gokermu

Thanks for the reply,

When I no longer can explode the only thing happening with the mappings is that it lets me map them as beams all together…( i need to automate dwg lines that represent walls to rhino → through speckle make them seperator lines in order to quickly automate room creation) some other curves it lets me map them as different elements non room bounding, but never ever a wall. everything is a curve type. I am trying to join them with gh and rebake still nothing.

Hey @Nyquist ,

Can you make sure those lines are linear? Revit can not create walls from sloped curves, hence we are not suggesting mapping them as walls and only option you see is beam. What happens if you project those curves to XY plane?