Duplicated id's in an object

I have uploaded some data through ghpython/grasshopper connector. My data is a list of around 50 objects, which have many repeating elements (only 3 types).
when I query my data from the database (for example in graphql explorer) I only receive 3 objects. looking at my database I found many duplicated ids in my stream database. (one object id per element type; repeating object ids for similar elements)

Is this a normal behaviour? how can I go around it and receive all my objects?
please let me know If you’d need me to share more data / script file etc.

Thank you!

Hi Souroush! This is weird. I can’t promise much over the weekend, but if you send your Gh file over i will try to reproduce this. Does the same happen with our server too?

Hi @dimitrie ! thanks for checking this!

I have created a sample data and stream so you can have a look.
duplicated_ids.gh (7.9 KB)

Thank you again


hi @dimitrie @AlanRynne ! is there chance you have any more feedback on this? I’d appreciate your help

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Hey @soroush, apologies for us not looking at this earlier. I’ve downloaded the script, and managed to run it - and actually everything looks fine!

The boards have the same id because they have the same properties. If you’d want to get boards individualised, either assign to them your own id that you can keep track of in the applicationId field (or a new field).

Below I’ve added a rectangle as the bom_board_rect property of each board, and sent it over. Each rectangle being different than the other one, the bom boards will have new ids.

Here’s the commit: