Downgrade a Revit Family

Good morning! I found a video on YouTube where guy send project from Revit 2021 to Revit 2020. So I tried to repeat this trick with the project, where was only one Family. But I didn’t get a correct Family in older version.
So, is it possible to downgrade Family?

Hi @Andriy_Borysov welcome to the forum!

Short answer: it’s not possible, unfortunately.
Long answer: you can use Speckle to downgrade/upgrade projects when the elements that you are sending are supported by Speckle. This works because Speckle uses the Revit API to “deconstruct” each element when sending and then “recreate” them when receiving.
In the specific case of families, Speckle only transmits their “family name”, we are not attempting to deconstruct and recreate them as it would not be possible from the API.
This is why in order to receive any (non system) family in a new project, the family already needs to be loaded, and then we simply match it by name.

Hope it helps!