Docker Image Update

@cristi can you help me?

Trying to update the Docker image to the latest version, but can’t find the v2 image name and want to make sure that my settings will stay the same within my compose.yml.

Can you please provide instructions for updating on internally deployed instances?

Tagging @simonymous & @patryk_wozniczka as well since they are working off our server.

I’ve already seen and am referencing this article also:



So on Docker Hub, the only mutable images are tags 2 and latest.
Tag 2 is the latest release, tag latest is the latest commit on our main branch in github.

If you have an internal deployment and want to keep things predictable and stable, I would recommend using a specific release version. Currently the latest release is 2.3.15, and this is the docker image tag that can be used for all images.

You can keep an eye on Releases · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub for new releases, and decide if you want to upgrade or not, and change the tag in the docker-compose.yml file.

If you need more info, can you also paste the docker images references that you currently have in the docker-compose file?
The docker-compose file mentioned in our documentation ( Deploying a Server - manual setup | Speckle Docs ) uses tag 2, and if you want to update to the latest server, you can do docker-compose pull to pull the latest images of the 2 tags.


Thanks, @cristi ~
This answers my question and helps clarify things.
Thanks for responding so quickly! :+1:

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