Display sizes of the UI

Can we have multiple display types, 1 that says ‘large’, one ‘narrow’ (as seen below)
and one that says ‘compact’ only showing the ‘project’ info and it’s metadata including tekst info about the latest commit?
In larger projects, I rather work without tile previews, than with.
tiles just take up a lot of real-estate where, if you are searching for something, it takes a while to find the correct thing.

after closer inspection:
the ‘grid’ vs ‘card’ view when entering a project is exactly what i meant, but this just needs to be implemented as well on the ‘project overview’ lvl


Hello Dick,
Thank you for your feedback. I would love to schedule a short feedback session with you.
:date: Please book a chat with me using this link: https://calendar.app.google/5HHyD3A4ZCKASiNY8