Dimensions from Rhino


I was wondering if there is a way to send dimensions drawn in Rhino to Speckle. I found this thread/post with some information about future development, but I do not know if there has been any progress.

I have checked that I can use a text as a placeholder, with the catch that I will need to edit it manually, but this is just in case anyone knows of any solution :slightly_smiling_face:.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @fcegnam !

Yes, you can currently send dimensions from Rhino to Speckle, with a disclaimer that the viewer will not render them exactly as they appear in your Rhino file.

You can send Linear , Angular, Ordinate, and Radial dimensions from Rhino, and also receive them as dimensions in Rhino, with some lossiness in quality:

  • object-dimension relationships are not preserved
  • some styling may vary if you’re receiving in a document with different styles from the original.

Let me know if you have further questions, and feedback is always welcome!

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Hi @clrkng,

thanks for your answer. Yes, I guess it has to do with the issue that you are mentioning of the text of the dimensions not being rendered exactly as seen in Rhino. I did a little more research, and the image from my first post is from a Rhino file whose units are in millimeters. In this case, no matter how much I zoom in inside the viewer, I am not able to see the text of the dimensions. However, with a Rhino file in meters, if I zoom in, I can see the text (although it is not very obvious at first sight, :sweat_smile:).

Also, are the arrows of the dimensions being rendered? I am asking because even if I zoom in a lot, I cannot see them. It is not a problem if they are not there, but seeing them may help the users that need to receive the link of the Speckle viewer to quickly understand that those lines are dimensions (specially with clients/users that do not have so much experience with drawings). I can see that by selecting the dimension in the viewer, you can see the info of the dimension that includes the length. So if the dimension’s text is not render exactly as in Rhino, maybe seeing the arrows may help (but I completely understand if this is not ready/possible yet).

By the way, I have also noticed the following when inserting texts in Rhino. Sometimes the texts are rotated 180 degrees on the Z axis (which is not problem at all). But other times, the text is rotated 180 degrees on the X or Y axis… and then it is more challenging to read it in the Speckle viewer. I assume that this has to do with the rendering issues that you were mentioning for the dimensions’ texts.

Ah thanks for specifying your use case - it makes sense that dimension arrows and text display in the viewer is important for communicating which objects are measurements.

To this point, currently our viewer does not support Dimension objects natively, meaning what you are seeing is actually the display value of the dimension, which is just the lines extracted from the leaders, and the Text object of the dimension (which is rendered natively, accounting for the difference of appearance compared to Rhino).

We’re aware of what we can improve in our Text conversions, and that includes adding formatting and scale properties which will improve their appearance in our viewer. @alex may have additional information on plans to support Dimension objects natively in the viewer, which would cover rendering arrows on measurement lines.

Hi @fcegnam

Indeed the current Dimension support is in an early phase and we will iterate over it at some point adding proper text scaling, alignment and justification as well as other details like arrow heads. Unfortunately, the timeline for these has not been determined yet, but we’ll keep you posted!


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Thank you both @clrkng and @alex for taking the time to explain this.

I understand the current limitations, but knowing them helps me to get a better result that works in the way I or other colleagues at the office need.

So again, thanks for your help!