Difficulty viewing long data values in the new web app

I have some additional notes to the FE2:

Yesterday, I wanted to find out the IFC filename, which I uploaded to speckle. It’s in the commit message, but I couldn’t read it, because the commit message is cropped in the viewer. Also there was no option to get the full name via tooltip or in a menu or something…


Seems like a tiny issue, but really has troubled me. :woozy_face:
Even to find the complete list of commits in the dashboard took me a while.

… but it’s actually the same issue there.

Maybe some tabular view (option) would be nice here?
The only place where I actually could see the full commit message/IFC filename - at least as far as I was able to find - was when trying to edit the message.

I know, you’re busy implementing much bigger miracles here :blue_heart: and those issues might indeed be something for “later”. But please don’t forget those for the final versions. :pray: :slight_smile: … I am mentioning that, because my experience is (with soooo many AEC softwares!), that daily workflows are permanently “failing” on such small things. Seriously! :sweat_smile:


Hi Steffen. Thanks for the additional feedback.

Completely agree that small issues like these can add up to a frustrating experience. Which is why we also have a big focus on this at the moment!

All of the things you mention here are actually already on our list of things to improve. Cropped version (= commit) messages, making it easier to find your versions, better Versions page. I can’t promise when it will all be fixed, but it’s known and will be prioritized :).

Don’t hold back on more feedback like this!


I love FE2 too, but also ran into a similar issue:

I couldn’t read the userString attributes coming from Rhino. It’s great that the selection info on the right can now be resized. I’d like that to be possible on the left as well :slight_smile:


@JoostGevaert You can now also resize the panels on the left :slight_smile:


That’s great news. Thanks Benjamin & Team Speckle!

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