Difficult to update layer list in connector filter by layer

When I move or rename layers in Rhino while the connector is running the list of layers doesn’t update without some aggressive pushing. I have to close and reopen the connector so far typically twice. Is this expected behavior or does this warrant a bug report? Do we need some kind of ‘refresh layers’ button?

Also if I’ve selected a layer and then changed its name afterward it’s not possible to unselect the layer from the stream. Again I feel like this is something a ‘refresh’ action could pick up and warn about.


Hey @DuncanNZ , thanks for reporting this!

Our Rhino connector layer filter updating behavior should definitely align with changes in the document, so I’ll look into this issue asap. You can follow along with the status here: Rhino: investigate layer filter updating and refresh in DUI2 · Issue #1141 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub