DEV ALERT: Our `speckle-sharp` monorepo is undergoing some maintenance!

Hi @Community!

We just wanted to let you know that we’ve been working in some changes in our speckle-sharp repository.

These changes may cause “some” level of disruption if you have your own fork of speckle-sharp and have built changes on top of it.

They have now been merged into our dev branch and will be making their way into main on our next release (scheduled for around 1 month from now)

In essence:

  • We’re moving away from multiple sln files towards a single All.sln + solution filters for all connectors
  • We’ve cleaned up and upgraded all our csproj files to use the modern SDK style
  • Consolidation of config files such as .editorconfig, *.props and *.targets and .gitignore
  • Consolidation of formatting style and reformatting of all our code (upcoming)

You can check the changes in more details here :point_down:t3:

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