Deserializing exception


I’m making a call to the operations class to receive a stream, but I’m getting hit with this exception in serialization. Anything obvious I’m omitting here?


Hey! Can you point us to the offending stream/commit/object?

This shouldn’t happen in theory :slight_smile:

Here it is!

I’ve noticed it happens to me on a few different streams (with similar objects!).

Hi @d.naughton,

I’m not super familiar with the GSA object models, but it sounds like there is a mismatch in the definition of GSAMember1D class. I’m guessing what ever version that is used to send the geometry, is different from the version you are trying to receive it in.

More specifically, Objects.Structural.Geometry.Element1D expects all displayValue objects to be Meshes.
Looking at your GSA commit, it appears that you have some PolyLine objects there.

I’m guessing that maybe your GSA connector has a modified definition of Element1D, to allow more than just Mesh displayValues, which would then be incompatible with Speckle’s Objects definition?

CCing @Reynold_Chan in case he has anything to add.