Deploying SpeckleKit on linux

We are currently working on deploying a specklekit build with .NET standard and .NET core in a linux environment. It is compilable for linux, however we encounter problems while running it as the SpeckleInitializer seems to crash with the following error.

This is going to be a bit funny for me to reproduce locally, as i’ve got no easy access to a linux box for debugging.

Off the top of my head: speckle core, when initialised, takes an optional argument on where to look for kits. If you control in your environment where these are, can you try passing it in?

AFAIK this was added specifically to deal with non-windows environments… see this closed issue - never really got feedback wether it worked out or not though :thinking:

Yes! :muscle:
The application is actually starting up!

Just had to input a relative path with the following pattern into speckle initializer!

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