Data structures in grasshopper

Hi, I’ve run into a possible issue with data structures in grasshopper while expanding my Speckle object:

Having the base object B1 with some nested speckle objects inside.
If I expand the B1 object, the output preserves the data-structure for the nested objects. ie. the bullnose is at branch {0;6;0} and handrails at branch {0;7;0}.

If I expand the Handrails object, which would result in some meshes inside (not a speckle object). then I would lose the data-structure. going from {0;7;0} to {0;0;0;0}!

Could this be in a way that the mesh output would keep the branch name {0;7;0} ?


Hi Soroush!

Nice to see you’re pushing the GH connector to it’s limits :smiley: Could you send me the file so I can better understand what’s going on there?

It does seem like a bug at first glance, but I’d rather debug it with your data if possible to see if I can replicate the issue.

Thanks for reporting this :partying_face:

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