Data after receive

Hi Team !

The data which I received from speckle server comes in just 2 rows, one for the header and other for the values. Isn’t it suppose to come in more number of rows each pertained to each element or id. It was the case when I did it for the first time but not working that way anymore ?!


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Hi @mahesh_G_K,

Thanks for bringing this up! Usually, the excel connector should allow you to “flatten” the objects even if they are deeply nested in other objects. Is this not the case? Or is this option appearing, but not working as expected.

It would be helpful if you could share a couple of screenshots or a gif of the receive operation, this will help us identify where the problem is arising.

Would it be possible to also share the stream here (or privately add me as a collaborator alan @ speckle . systems ) so I can try to replicate this error on my side?

Thanks again for reporting this! :raised_hands:t3:

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To add on top of what Alan said, what you receive depends on what button you click on:

So to get a list of items make sure to click next to a [] list and not an {} object
If you’re already doing that and it’s not working there might be a bug!


@teocomi @AlanRynne

Thanks for the guidance, I see it is an issue from the data which is coming from etabs and not exactly in excel. I have checked it elsewhere and it is working just fine.

The {} object and [] list thing helped me see it clearly, special thanks to @teocomi

Cheers !