Curtain walls not selectable on the viewer

Hey speckle community,

TLDR: Is it possible to make Curtain walls (not curtain panels) somehow selectable on the speckle viewer? - They are invisible since they don’t have any real mesh data, but they contain other geometrical information like a baseLine and other data, like mullion number and location, which is useful for me.

now the long version:

I am using speckle to push a project from Revit 2022 which contains curtain walls and whose panels are basic walls.

I was confused about what data is available after the conversion of curtain walls into speckle objects, because on all I am able to see and select from the walls are the curtain panels. So I thought that speckle simply skipped pushing curtain wall elements from Revit.

After inspecting with the viewer I could find the curtain walls by filtering by Family and they appear as Curtain Walls


The elements are invisible so I can’t select them and inspect the object on the viewer.

I can get them however through graphql, so I can work with the data, but it would be much easier to inspect the object on the viewer itself. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!

I’m not entirely sure how we can make something selectable that doesn’t have geometry that gets actually displayed. It’s a bit of a conundrum :smiley:

I’ll need to check with the connectors team how they get converted from Revit into Speckle, and what our assumptions are there - cc @teocomi @connor

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