CSINode and CSIElement2D not working


I’m trying to create a structural model in Grasshopper to be imported in Etabs v19. I’m using “Speckle 2 Structural” and “Speckle 2 CSI”. I’m up to date with speckle version (2.9.1) and Etabs and Grasshopper connectors (both 2.9.2).

I’ve been following @Reynold_Chan youtube tutorial, spatial frame with a slab, but I’m struggling to generate the CSIElement2D. I can’t generate the CSINode when I plug the 4 corners, even if they are sorted clockwise. If I try to define a “Node with properties” and an “Element2D” it works in grasshopper but it doesn’t get received in the stream, only beams and points are sent.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi ,

please send the grasshopper script and the stream with the Element2D.

Thanks !

Will take a look into why it’s not working as intended.

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Hi Reynold,

Thanks for the quick response. Find attached the gh script.
There’s multiple data that hasn’t gone through the stream:

  • 2D element
  • beams/braces cross sections
  • loads

You can read the stream url in the gh script, do I need to add you as a collaborator?

Many thanks!


Speckle Structural tutorial.gh (34.5 KB)

Yes please take add @connor to the collaboration as well !

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve invited you to the stream. I can’t find anyone called just @connor but you can add him now. Thanks!

Sorry, I’ve just added him too.