CSiBridge Connector plugin

Hi, I’m new to Speckle and wanted to give it a shot with CSiBridge. I’ve downloaded the Connector via the Manager but the plugin wasnt installed in the “Tools” of CSi. As suggested here CSI Products (ETABS, CSiBridge, SAP2000, SAFE) | Speckle Docs , the plugin was installed under my AppData\Local\Computers and Structures\CSIBridge\Speckle2ETABS. There’s 100+ .dll and I’m struggling to find the right one to add in CSiBridge. Does anyone had the same issue?

Hi @NicT !

I think you can just click on Add/Show Plugin... and the select SpeckleConnectorCSI.dll, it should load that way. @connor might have more insights!

@teocomi thanks for your reply. I’ve tried this one but CSi shows Plugin failed after trying to run it. v24 is available on CSi but I kept my 23.3.1 version since connector was specifying v21 to v23.