CSI software client

Hi Dimitrie, was trying to post in the features forum but kept struggling and couldn’t work out how to make it work! Thought I would try reach out anyway. We spend a lot of time where I work essentially doing ctrl+c ctrl+v from Revit to the CSI structural analysis software we use and then hammering together plugins to take this data back out of the analysis software to do more sums. Seems clear to me that Speckle would be an awesome way to make this process way less janky - do you know if anyone in the community is secretly working on or thinking about a connector for ETABS or similar? Would be keen to help make this dream a reality but would be great to team up if possible.

(Strange re forum permissions stuff. I think i can make this a public topic though, give me a second!)

For 1.0, I’m quite sure there was a bit of action on this front. Yet to happen in 2.0, but defs on our radar!

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