Crop box lost when going back to a comment

Hi there!
So, I’m trying out speckle with the Revit connector for issue tracking. My problem is that it’s very common to have a cropped view when creating a comment and i would like that cropped view to be “saved” when i’m going back to check out that same comment. It’s standard functionality in other viewers i believe and then i first click on the comment the view gets cropped but the crop boundaries reset to their default after a second or so… so is this possibly a bug?

Great initiative by the way!

Hi Paolo!

Can you please confirm if the issue happening when opening a comment in the viewer online or in the Revit connector?

Could you also share a sample file and stream+comment with us to investigate?


Hi Matteo!
First of all thank you for this tool and for Reveche! I use it very often!

Regarding this issue here’s a link to the comment: Speckle

Here’s the stream commit: Speckle

The problem happens in the browser… I tried both with Firefox and Chrome. I created that comment using the crop box cause i wanted to point out an issue that was not visible on the exterior of the building. This is simply a test I wanted to do before deploying the solution with my client…
Let me know if you need anything more.



Hi @polmod! Just sent an access request to that stream so i can dig into it.

My plan is to get the comment id and see what has been set. If it’s private and you’re willing to take a gentleman’s NDA, do approve it. If it’s tricky, can you send me a link to a comment that’s on less sensitive data that reproduces the issue?

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Following up: I can see something weird is happening with section boxes on comments in that stream (I think i’ve seen that revit house before :sunglasses:). We’ll investigate!

Tracking link: Section Box From Comment Jitters · Issue #1359 · specklesystems/speckle-server · GitHub

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