Creating your own app part 2

Hi Speckle team,

Part 1 of creating your own app is amazing! Thanks for that!

When is the part 2 coming for the app development guide?

Especially the web viewer + fetching data when clicking on elements. I have seen the documentation on this, but how to link it with part 1 would be amazing if there is some guidance! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Best Rick

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Hey Rick, glad you’ve found it useful!
Alan, who has created that tutorial, is on holiday for a couple of weeks, so you might have to wait a bit for part 2!

In the meantime, I can suggest having a look at the current frontend code that has such functionality:

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Yess! Vacation time!!

Anyway, we also made a demo on the AEC Tech hackathon last weekend, and I built a super simple app that uses our viewer package and has the selection and double click events set so you can have a look at that too meanwhile!

You can find the code here: GitHub - specklesystems/aec-tech-presentation
And the live demo app here: Speckle Web Starter
The demo stream we used for this is: Speckle
You’ll have to paste it’s id (ab58d88a61) and you’ll also need a token (you can create it on your profile page in the speckle web app).

It’s an oddly specific demo app, but it should give you a good idea of whats going on. :+1: Hope it helps!


Thanks @AlanRynne and @teocomi ! :slight_smile:

Is there also somewhere an example of how to color the speckle objects? (like in v1)

We’re revamping our tutorials and site, but here you go:

The color by automatically in the viewer is not yet in v2 unfortunately :pensive:

WOW! Nice Dimitrie!

But this is v2 right?

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Yes! A mesh with vertex colours from grasshopper!


Does it only work for meshes? Not for lines?

I’m afraid yes, lines won’t work :cry:

No problem! I will find another way haha! :slight_smile:

And is there a way to toggle on or off layers of geometry? (so that I don’t reinvent the wheel :smiley: )

Thanks for the links anyways!

Hi Dimitrie. Hope you are well!

Is there a way to toggle geometry or layers on/off?

i.e. Sending multiple results, but then being able to toggle between them?

Hey @RickTitulaer!

Sorry your last comment must have “fallen through the cracks” and it was left unanswered.

I guess you mean being able to receive several different commits from the viewer and then alternate between them?

As far as I am aware (please @dimitrie correct me if I am wrong), there is currently no exposed way of doing this, although it is already on our list of tasks to tackle.

In our AEC Tech presentation demo, we did something similar, but in that case we were fully reloading the entire scene on every change (which is a bit of overkill…)

I cannot give you a timeline for when this will be added to the viewer, but my hope is that it will be soon. It’s been needing some love for a while.

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Hi Alan! Thanks for that quick response! :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I meant (in poor wordings)! This would be an awesome feature! That love would fit really well there! haha

Yea I saw the AEC demo, and tried/used different bits and pieces, but it feels like something everyone could benefit from.


I agree! It’s definitely coming, along with being able to color objects by category and other fancy stuff! We’ll keep you posted!

Awesome! Thanks Alan! :slight_smile:

Hi Alan!

Hope you are well!

Did ‘soon’ already happen? :slight_smile: . Any timeline for us?

Best Rick

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Hi Rick!!

You haven’t missed anything! :sweat_smile: We (I) haven’t gotten around to doing so yet… can’t believe it’s been 20+ days already!

Part II is still pending the Viewer improvements, which I think we started this week. Once that is set, I’ll get going on writing it.

I’m also working on another nice Speckle app, which is not going to be a tutorial (at least initially) so it won’t be considered “Part II” but would have much of the functionality I wanted to cover in that guide. I’ll be sure to ping you on this thread once we release it :slight_smile:


Awesome! Very eager to implement part II!

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