Creating your own app part 2

Hi Speckle team,

Part 1 of creating your own app is amazing! Thanks for that!

When is the part 2 coming for the app development guide?

Especially the web viewer + fetching data when clicking on elements. I have seen the documentation on this, but how to link it with part 1 would be amazing if there is some guidance! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Best Rick

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Hey Rick, glad you’ve found it useful!
Alan, who has created that tutorial, is on holiday for a couple of weeks, so you might have to wait a bit for part 2!

In the meantime, I can suggest having a look at the current frontend code that has such functionality:

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Yess! Vacation time!!

Anyway, we also made a demo on the AEC Tech hackathon last weekend, and I built a super simple app that uses our viewer package and has the selection and double click events set so you can have a look at that too meanwhile!

You can find the code here: GitHub - specklesystems/aec-tech-presentation
And the live demo app here: Speckle Web Starter
The demo stream we used for this is: Speckle
You’ll have to paste it’s id (ab58d88a61) and you’ll also need a token (you can create it on your profile page in the speckle web app).

It’s an oddly specific demo app, but it should give you a good idea of whats going on. :+1: Hope it helps!