Creating REVIT walls from grasshopper

Hi @teocomi,

I am testing different Revit walls generated by grasshopper and I am running into some issues.

  • The revit walls by face are not generated in Revit.

  • for the revitwalls by curve and levels it would be nice to have the option for location line like in the RevitfaceWall component.

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Thanks for the report Erik.
Does the report tab in the Revit connector show anything useful?

Good suggestion on the locationLine we’ll look into adding it!

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Hi @teocomi

I found out why some wallsby baseline and levels were not generated. They where on the wrong level.
It did not know about the report tab. (nice feature)
It gives the following warning:

Cool, so it seems that now just one or a few are failing correct?
Could you share a Revit model containing them?

There’s a chance that Revit simply can’t handle that geometry but we can have a looksie :slight_smile:


Yes sure. By the way also wall openings are generating problems.

test_speckle.rvt (6.1 MB)

Thanks! We’ll add it to the backlog and investigate
cc @Pavol

Hey @Erik_Beeren , I could replicate the issues when receiving walls by face in Revit 2022. Funny enough, it works for 2023 and 2024 version and as a temporary workaround you could try Revit 2023, 2024 while we make this work.

Wall openings are problematic in all Revit versions though so no workarounds here. We are investigating and fixing… :slight_smile:

Hi @Pavol,

Thank you for the feedback.
I installed Revit 2024 and the “walls by face” are being generated in Revit.
Tank you for sorting this out.
However these walls do not seem to be real walls any more.
I cannot modify them like the other walls generated or native Revit walls by face.
The corners are not being connected to each other.
In fact these walls behave more as direct shapes then Revit walls.

Native Revit “walls by face” can be edited. Our aim is to generate a Revit model from Grasshopper which can be modified in Revit like it was a Revit model.


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Thanks for the feedback @Erik_Beeren. @Pavol is going to take another look at this, but if we can resolve the walls issue in 2023/2024, does that work for you?

Ian H

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@ianh That would be wonderful.
And if possible it would be nice to add also the roof by face. I think booth are very grasshopper and very spekable.

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Oh that video is a piece of history - should belong to a museum :wink:

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Hey @Erik_Beeren ,

Thank you for your report. It appears that while we are creating the face in Revit, we are not properly associating a wall with it. We plan to include a fix for this in the upcoming release and appreciate your patience.

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Hi @gokermu ,

Already some improvements on the wall by face to Revit?

Hi @Erik_Beeren ,

Not yet. We’ve added it to our to-do list and we’re hoping to address it very soon.